Friday, 18 January 2013

Heattech by Uniqlo - Skinny Layers to Beat the Freeze Updated

Heattech Leggings
If you haven’t yet come across Heattech now would be a very good time to give it a try.  Heattech is created in a thin, shape hugging fabric designed to capture heat from your body, and to insulate it to keep you warm.  Layer Heattech up and you still hardly notice it’s thHeattech Roll Neckere.  Heattech is the new chic answer to keeping warm and you're going to need it right away.....order by 4pm on weekdays to get your order the very next day.

Unlike most thermal undies your Heattech can be shown or not  shown, and as much as you browse the lace edged versions on offer from some stores, I suggest you stick to Heattech, as the prices are better, the colour range is excellent – although I’m not so sure about all the patterns – and it does the job.  Better even.  It does the job excellently.
Heattech Scoop Neck Top
You can layer up Heattech if you’re somewhere really cold, a scoop neck top, for example, underneath a slim fitting roll neck, and you’ll hardly notice the layers.  Or a pair of fine Heattech leggings under your jeans.
lace tights
Just a word of warning.  Some of Heattech’s styles, colours and   patterns always sell out so order yours right away.

Anything in a ‘now’ style or pattern, such as lace, or Fair Isle, won’t hang around for long, and don’t expect it to be repeated, it probably won’t be.

I’ve been collecting Heattech for some time now, and you’d think that I have enough, however where Uniqlo are really clever is that they keep bringing out new styles and colours.  When you think of it, because most Heattech isn’t much on display, it shouldn’t make it that tempting, but somehow it does. 

This season’s highlights;  The lace edged leggings, lace tights and over the knee socks, patterned fleece However when they get around to Heattech stockings…………………………or would that be going too far?

When you place your order don't forget the next day service - something tells me, writing all the way from Dallas (and I even have some with me here) that we're lining up for the big freeze in the UK.  Get prepared.  If it's really freezing I layer two pieces of Heattech under a wool jumper and then a fleece on top.  And gloves of course.

Uniqlo offer a next day delivery service if you order by 4pm on weekdays.  Get ready for the freeze.