Saturday 10 November 2012

Desigual and Cirque du Soleil – a Crazy Partnership?

Desigual Cirque du Soleil
Desigual waDesigual Dress Cirque du Soleils founded by Thomas Meyer from Switzerland in 1984.  Founded on a philosophy of ‘positivity, commitment, tolerance and fun’ there’s nothing pared down about this range, based as it is on brightly coloured patchwork, flamboyant and statement making designs and stand-out splashes of colour.  Only wear Desigual if you’re happy to be noticed in a crowd.Desigual Coat

Having already established a relationship a couple of years ago with Christian Lacroix, Desigual has gone on to create a partnership with Cirque do Soleil called ‘Desigual Inspired by Cirque du Soleil’.  Offered by both Desigual and Cirque do Soleil it includes coats, dresses and accessories. 

I have no idea how successful this particular collaboration is, although judging by the year on year huge increases in the company’s sales I’m guessing that this one worked as well, however I am absolutely certain that I do not want to spend a not inconsiderable amount of money on something decorated with acrobats and clowns, is that just me?
I bought a beautiful Desigual coat a few years back, black and white with decorative buttons and a shocking pink lining.  You could almost wear it as a dress, there was no need to wear anything else if you wanted to show it off.  Were I to invest now, these are the pieces I would pick. 

   Desigual Knit DressDesigual Coat BlackDesigual Black Dress