Wednesday 14 November 2012

Celtic Sheepskin – Country Clothing from Sheepskin Coats and Boots to Knitwear and More

Celtic Sheepskin was started way back when, and so, having originally only offered sheepskin and leather goods, having diversified into a full range of country clothing and not wanting (with good reason) to change a name that was becoming more and more well known, still sounds as if sheepskin is its only product.

Having said all of that, their high quality shearling coats and jackets, sheepskin boots (I own a pair and they’re by far the best of my collection as they’re rugged and don’t get soaked easily) and shearling vests and gloves are definitely still the heroes of the collection.

Celtic Sheepskin Aviator Jacket  Toscana CoatShearling Vest Sheepskin Boots

You can also shop at Celtic Sheepskin for luxury wool blend knitwear, (think Geelong wool and angora), merino knits and dresses, plus traditionally styled Irish wool knitwear for men and the cutest sheepskin boots and slippers for kids.

Cable Cardigan Celtic Sheepskin Jumper DressCeltic Sheepskin Mini Sheepskin Boots Celtic Sheepskin Mans Jumper

Unlike many webstores which have diversified, they’ve managed to stick to a theme (well not sheepskin, obviously) of high quality traditionally designed pieces in colours that may occasionally give a nod to fashion, but are wearable by anyone, anywhere.

As country clothing goes Celtic Sheepskin is one of those places you just have to bookmark, as you’re bound to want to shop from it at some stage. 

I have my eye on a new pair of boots but as Christmas is coming and the kids’ wishlists just get longer and longer they just may have to wait.  Pity.