Monday 12 November 2012

20 Perfect Little Black Dresses to Fit and Flatter Every Shape

The Little Black Dress is a mainstay of every clever girl’s wardrobe, who will most likely have a range including something simple but flattering in fluid jersey, something in lace, something flirty with ruffles, something sequinned and something over the top for evenings when the competition is fierce and nothing else will do.

Coast Walker Ruched Black Dress  Coast Lace and Ruffle Dress  Damsel in a Dress Lace Ruched Black Dress   Kaliko Black Feather Bead Dress Karen Millen Lace Sleeve Pencil Dress
There’s no doubt also that your collection of Little Black Dresses will last longer and work harder than anything else you own.  Many work from day to night with just a change of accessories.  Some can be stuffed in an overnight bag and come out looking hanger-perfect.  Others are so special they need nothing else at all, just you inside them.

Somerset by Alice Temperley Beaded Black Dress     Mint Velvet Lace Fringe Dress    Karen Millen Cutaway Neckline Jersey Dress  Diane von Furstenberg Black Jersey DressHelmut Lang Helix Jersey Dress
When choosing this season’s Little Black Dress you need to take all of those things into account, and also the love factor, will you love it and cherish it and take it out with you over and over again.  Do you look wonderful in it from front, back and side and does it cover up anything you want it to.

Diane von Furstenberg Draped DressAlice by Termperley Satin and Lace DressDamsel in a Dress Valentino DressReiss Sequin Embroidered DressPhase Eight Cobweb Sequin Dress
There are sleeved and sleeveless versions by the dozen, some sexy, some simply sophisticated and some both.  Make sure that yours matches your own style and the kind of occasions you go to and whatever else you do, make sure it’s the right length for you and have it altered if necessary.  There’s nothing so frumpy making as a dress that’s the wrong length
 Phase Eight Crushed Taffeta Dress    Eliza J Tiered Jersey DressKaren Millen Baroque Mesh DressJ Crew Little Black DressBiba Flapper Dress
Here are 20 Little Black Dresses out there right now waiting to be snapped up.  And snapped up they most certainly will be so if you see something you like be inspired and don’t hold back or you’ll see it on someone else’s back sometime very soon.

What to wear underneath your LBD will very much depend on the fabric and style of course.  Jersey will show every lump and bump so be very careful that nothing shows.  Jersey is kind to the wearer in terms of fit, but without clever shaping can be sniping at you behind your back so if in doubt, don’t.  Too many choose jersey because it’s just so easy to wear without paying enough attention to the pitfalls. You can, of course, buy all kinds of undergarments to help smooth the way.  But bear in mind that most of them are about as sexy as a goldfish, and sexy is what these dresses are all about…..