Wednesday 31 October 2012

Six Shearling Coats You’ll Want to Cosy Up In

Shearling coats and jackets become indispensible at this time of year, as every day it seems to get colder and whether or not we get snow doesn’t matter, there’s absolutely nothing as wonderful as being wrapped up in a swathe of shearling, whether a coat or jacket, although the longer it is the more you can use it for travelling, snuggling up in in front of the tv or just going out and about in.

As one who lives in the ‘wilds’ of Bucks in a partially unheated and extremely cold house I know just how important these wonderful coats can be.  Toscana shearling for rich deep fur, merino ultra-light shearling if you want something smoother and with shorter fur and lightweight Icelandic shearling for extremely warm coats, all of which will preferably preferably go right down to the floor.

Here are six you could pick up right now.  don’t expect these babies to end up in the sale, they very rarely do as they’re not created by the thousand.  And go for the most expensive you can afford as a wonderful shearling coat will last for ever.

All Saints Shearling Coat  Karl Donoghue Shearling Coat Collection by John Lewis Shearling Coat  CLOSED Shearling Coat  Jaeger Shearling Coat LK Bennett Shearling Coat

Click through to find shearling coats, jackets, boots and gloves at and get ready to cosy up right now.

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