Sunday 16 September 2012

Long Haul Layers – How to Travel in Comfort and Arrive in Style

Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back at school or uni this is the time to take advantage of some of the cheap flights on offer and jet off for a bit of therapy for some shopping and or sunshine. 

As one who frequently sits on a plane for long hours at a time but always wants to arrive looking ready to go out to dinner (or a meeting) I’ve established some rules for long haul travel dressing.  I want to travel in comfort, and be warm – why do planes have to be so cold? But I refuse to wear the jeans/leggings/hoodie/tshirts that so many travel in, in the firm belief that arriving crumpled just makes you feel more tired.  I like to arrive in a dress and heels.  Sounds daft?  Read on.

Layers are the key to ensuring that if you have to leave the house at 5am and it’s freezing at home, with the thought that you’re going to be arriving somewhere hot, you can go from warm to cool just by peeling them off.  Being one of those people who feels the cold more than most I usually set off bundled up but with the crafty use of a large roller carry-on bag I can arrive wearing anything from sun dress to work dress and just a pair of heels.

Travel happy dresses and accessories include:

White Company Jersey Dress 1   Rib Panel Cardigan  Jersey Tunic Dress Pure Collection Cashmere Shawl Donna Karan hooded cashmere cardiganJersey Dress  Cardigan Travelwrap

Essentials also are a cashmere wrap which can double as a blanket, a really good pair of noise cancelling headphones, your music, a neck cushion and, if you can stuff it in, a proper flight blanket.   I also have with me a full  make-up planner by Trish McEvoy (which goes everywhere with me) toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, contact lenses and hair brush. 

Put a pair of heels in your carry-on, change as soon as you get off the plane and you’ll be ready for pretty well anything……….