Monday 17 September 2012

Boots, Beds and Barstools – Brilliant New Websites to Browse at The Site Guide

Whilst trying to connect these three subjects is without a doubt difficult (apart from the fact that they all start with a B), it’s been interesting to review e-commerce websites across different product areas this week for

Michael Kors Boots Starting with boots we have several types of our favourite footwear – firstly the sexy high heel variety which can take you out to lunch and out to dinner and beyond and belong to fashion store Repertoire offering designer labels for men and women including Barbour, Stone Island, Ralph Lauren, Farhi by Nicole Farhi and Michael Kors.
Goodstead Boot
Then there’s the less sexy but probably better for you kind of boots – hiking and walking boots, to be found at Yeomans Outdoors (where you can buy your next festival pop up tent as well); Ugg boots and more at Box Clothing, where there’s an excellent range of clothes and accessories for both men and women and modern boots (and clothes, accessories and homewares) at Goodstead.

1907 beds Moving swiftly off the subject of boots and on to beds, buying a new bed or mattress is an important decision, frequently budget led rather than thought of as an investment purchase.  You expect your new bed to let you curl up and sleep happily and comfortably for years on end but sometimes not enough thought is put into which one you buy. 

Two new websites which may assist you in making your choice are 1907Beds, offering hand crafted, luxury mattresses, and Oldrids and Downtown, where you can order not only your mattress, but the bed itself, bedroom furniture and bed linens and furniture for other rooms in your home.
An amazing collection of barstools can be found at Lakeland Furniture, a family run business  based in Rochdale, and offering probably the best range of reproduction designer chairs, recliners and – and barstools – you’ll find anywhere, and including designs by Charles Eames and Philippe Starck.

Whilst still on the subject there are a few more new websites I should mention:

Leisure Lakes Bikes Leisure Lakes Bikes offers high performance mountain bikes and road bikes plus cycling clothing – this is a real enthusiasts store and every bike is specially set up for you, with two free services included in the price.
Bents Home and Garden
At Bents Garden and Home you can choose from everything from an excellent range of garden furniture to furniture and kitchenware.  This   is a handpicked selection of what Bents consider to be the best including some innovative ideas, so bookmark this website for a good browse.  They also have a Christmas shop where you can pre-order turkeys, pre-lit Christmas trees and garlands.

And finally, whatever type of flooring you’re looking for, be it vinyl, wood or laminate, or a new rug for your home, then Best4Flooring is a great place to start, with an excellent selection, easy to navigate website and stores throughout the UK.