Friday 10 August 2012

DvF to Erdem - Dresses for Curvy Girls to Buy Right Now

There’s a sense of boredom about the continuing online sales and discounts that go on into September.  Yes you can pick up some fantastic bargains, but do you really want that sleeveless coral Alexander McQueen dress you spotted in the new collections back in March?  Even at a huge discount you have about one month left to wear it and by next spring you’ll want to invest in something new and fresh.

Those who are still off to a beach summer holiday may well pick up something they’ll wear several times.  Otherwise, sorry to say, the collections are beginning to look very autumnal.  I know, it’s only August, and where exactly is/was summer?  However truth be told you’re probably better finding something gorgeous that you can wear now and on into the new season.

I love dresses.  The simplicity of paring down your wardrobe to single pieces that you know flatter your figure, where the only decision is ‘which one’, rather than which skirt, which top, which belt etc is something that anyone with a busy life combining, work, play, lunch, dinner, kids etc has to welcome.  So I am well known for being a dress collector.  Of the little black variety, or the print, wrap, jersey, sleeveless, sundress, maxi kind.  Frankly I love them all, provided they love me.

Stretch satin dressDay Birger et Mikkelsen Stretch Jersey Dress Collette by Collette Dinnigan Stretch Jersey DressDiane von Furstenberg Dress
I look for dresses that are flattering, suit someone who is vertically challenged and cross-wearable (if you know what I mean), so that they suit at least two or more occasions.  Most will take me from meetings to dinner with just a simple change of shoes and yes, I’m the one on the train in the morning in a little wrap dress wearing flats.  Look closely and you’ll see I have an extra bag with me in which undoubtedly lurk a pair of vertiginous heels, every girl’s best friends, to be pulled out at a moment’s notice.

  Animal print jersey dressRed side tie dressErdem jersey dress DVF 1974 wrap dress

On the subject of ruching.  Be wary.  Strategically placed ruching can be extremely flattering.  Too much on a tight jersey dress and everything you don’t want to show will be on display.  So many dresses around right now have a great deal.  So be wary and make sure you look at yourself from the side and back whilst trying on.

These dresses have just appeared on the scene.  Don’t expect them to be there for ever, the best dresses always go first, inevitably.