Sunday 12 August 2012

Alexander Fuchs Diamond Jewellery–Contemporary Livewire Jewellery

Alexander Fuchs is a diamond jewellery designer you probably won’t have heard of, because he’s almost impossible to find.  Kabiri Jewellery is the only place you can see his work in the UK, and it is well worth looking at, this is diamond jewellery with a difference.

Coming from a long line of diamond jewellers and having launched his eponymous line in 2010, Alexander Fuchs creates pieces where the diamond is the sparkling hero every time, being set on to high density clear wire strands of flurocarbon and with nothing to distract from the superb quality stones.

Alexander Fuchs Yellow Diamond Ring Alexander Fuchs Marquise Diamond Bracelet

He uses many different shapes of diamond, including round (brilliant cut), triangle diamonds, princess (square) emerald (oblong) Marquise (oval), pear and heart shaped diamonds but the ethos remains, that there is, in reality, nothing other than the diamond itself.

  Alexander Fuchs Heart Shaped Diamond RingAlexander Fuchs Yellow Diamond Necklace

Having seen these pieces close up I know that some will wonder why you would want anything quite so subtle, but judging by the international clientele those who love contemporary jewellery should definitely have a good look, as everyone will want to know where you found these unique rings, bracelets and necklaces.  

And if you can, wear Alexander Fuchs pieces layered together, and sparkle everyone else out of the room.