Monday 23 July 2012

Why it Doesn’t Matter what you Wear to the Gym……..More or Less

There are some great places to buy clothes for the gym or for any type of sport for that matter, but frankly, unless you’re just going to see and be seen, it doesn’t really matter what you wear, provided it’s comfortable and in a fabric that can breath.Union Jack Cami

There are two areas where I’ll happily contradict myself, firstly in terms of support – as good support is essential (I’m talking about bras here), particularly if you’re going to be running. Then there’s what you put on your feet, which should be the best that you can afford, again in terms of support.  Those old trainers need to hit the bin immediately if you want to get anywhere fast without damaging yourself, and that’s also an area where if you’re a serious gym attendee you can have some fun, with everyone from Nike to Adidas offering every colour under the sun, from red and blue to bright orange and purple.

I suspect that most people who go for expensive gym kit do so because they think it’ll….er…..make them feel better about going?  Motivate them when they’re there?  Keep them going back?  This is all completely wrong.  Wear anything.  Shorts, capris, an old t-shirt, whatever you’re comfortable in.  It’s what you do for yourselfAsics Trainers in the gym that counts.  Go regularly for three weeks, at least four times a week.  Get a trainer or go with a friend.  Do as much cardio as you can and build up your time. 

In a very short space of time you’ll become addicted to the changes that going to the gym will have on the way you look and the way you feel about yourself.  Forget the expensive gym clothes.  Get to this stage and you won’t give a damn.  Other than about your trainers of course.

Favourite comment from my fitness addict son about his mother’s grey and white Nike trainers with bright orange laces. “ Those shoes say ‘business’.  Those laces say ‘party’.”  Yes they do.