Thursday 7 June 2012

20% Off for One Week Only - Celebrate Father’s Day With Perilla

Perilla is one of those excellent online stores that if you don’t already know about you should bookmark right now.  Here you’ll find gift ideas (and treats) for just about any occasion, and particularly for Father’s Day.

Think again if you haven’t considered socks as a gift this Father’s Day, beautifully packaged and in glorious colours and stripes, in alpaca and by Rampant Sporting, all of these make a great gift and if you’re particularly busy can be sent out on your behalf with your personal message included.

  Rampant City Box Perilla Sunday Socks by Rampant SportingAlpaca City Socks Rampant Sporting Saxon City Box

As well as socks for dads of all ages, Perilla offers high quality leather bags and washbags, iPad2 cases, cashmere scarves, leather iPhone cases and much more.

Leather overnight bag Leather cover for iPad2 Perilla Cashmere Scarf Leather iPhone Case

Celebrate Father’s Day with Perilla’s helpful offer of 20% off everything when you quote code FATHERSDAY at checkout.  Although Perilla offers express delivery please don’t leave it too late to order, and note that the coloured socks will sell out first!