Tuesday 1 May 2012

How to Run in FitFlops

If you’ve read any of my other posts on this subject you’ll know that I am a keen wearer of Fitflops, not just because they’re supposed to be good for your legs, but because they’re the most comfortable shoes and boots I’ve ever put on my feet.

This is not to say they’re the most attractive shoes around, they’re certainly getting better, but microwobbleboard technology and style inevitably conflict to a point.  Ignore that, you’re not going to wear your Fitflops to the Wolsley in London or Arpege in Paris, but you may wear them getting there, and take my word for it, you can run in them if you’re just about to miss your flight.   As I have, changing terminals and flights in Chicago’s enormous airport, I literally ran for miles.  And caught the flight.

Summer 2012 sees a brand new crop of Fitflops, and there are many more than I’ve shown here, all of which come in different colourways.

 Fitflop Fleur Fitflop Pietra  Fitflop FrouFitFlop Tan Sandal
The new, slimmer Super T Trainer comes in both canvas and leather and a very good choice of colours.  With a narrower sole and well shaped shoe this may well be a good one for summer beside your Flipflop sandals.

 Fitflop Super T Trainers  Fitflop Super T Trainer LeatherFitFlop Super T Trainer Blue CanvasFitflop Super T Trainer Metallic Leather

The point of these shoes and sandals is that they’re supposed, at the same time as being comfortable, to work on your leg and glute muscles, I can’t swear that they do, but they are superb to spend all day in, whatever you’re doing. The upside is the comfort factor, the downside is that you’re unlikely to want to hurry back into heels.

Best places to buy your next pair of FitFlops:
John Lewis