Thursday 19 April 2012

From Country Socks and City Socks to Long Alpaca Socks and Socks for Girls and Boys–All at

Country socks, city socks, cashmere bed socks and long socks for girls and boys are just some from the treasure trove of socks awaiting you at one of my all time favourite websites,, unsung hero of the sock world.

Specialising in Alpaca country socks and city socks, but offering Scottish cashmere socks and cotton rugby socks as well, Perilla has a collection for men, women and children, and if you’re gearing up for Father’s Day you should bookmark this website immediately.

Country Socks Perilla girls socks City Socks Rubgy Socks

As one who has had more socks pinched by their kids than I care to think about (well only the daughter now, I have to admit, the difference in size between the sons’ feet and mine is a blessed relief) and who has a huge bag of odd socks sitting in the drying cupboard waiting for their mates to turn up in vain I know only too well that a great place for high quality socks is a real boon.

For this time of year, and putting Father’s Day to one side, country socks come in a variety of shades including Heather, Cream, Mulberry and Sedge Green, and for girls and boys there are alpaca socks, bed socks and wellie boot socks.

Include a pair of cashmere flight socks with your next order and you’ll be well set up wherever you go.  Expect excellent speedy service and attractive packaging.