Wednesday 18 April 2012

Frankfurt Restaurant Gregorelli’s–Well Worth the Trip

The end of any trip/holiday/journey can be quite a downer, and arriving in Frankfurt after five incredible days at the Salzburg Easter Festival ready to fly back to cold wet England was not something I was looking forward to.  Happily, from another visit, I had remembered Italian restaurant Gregorelli’s, found by chance (and the help of the hotel concierge).

Gregorelli's Restaurant
The atmosphere is modern retro Italian, bustling and busy.  On a fine day you can sit outside.  The food is excellent simple true Italian trattoria style using ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, basil and onions and is not over priced.  In particular try their Spaghettini alla Vongole (clams) and when you do ask for their red chilli peppers in olive oil.  Don’t be surprised when it bites back. 

Gregorelli's Bar Area

This is a friendly, noisy restaurant which can become quite crowded on occasion, although both times I have been there the service has been excellent.  Don’t expect all the waiters to speak English, German?  Probably.  Italian?  Of course.  If you pay a visit to Frankfurt for any reason go visit Gregorelli’s.  I’ll definitely be back there.

Gregorelli’s Bar and Cafe, Meisengasse 12, 60313 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-40322216

ThomasellisStill on an Italianate note and if you happen to be passing by Salzburg, pay a visit to Cafe Tomaselli and try their famous hot chocolate.  A guilty pleasure, certainly, but delicious and much enjoyed.  Then resist if you can the cakes that are brought round on silver trays.  This is not the place to visit if you’re trying to diet, mind you, neither is Gregorelli’s.  So many temptations…… little time.
Cafe Tomaselli,  Alter Markt 9 · A-5020 Salzburg · Tel: +43 (0)662/844488-0