Friday 13 April 2012

All Saints Spring 2012–Wear Something Different

Idiosyncratic ‘rock-chic’ brand All Saints never disappoints – with a collection that ranges from clothes that would suit anyone to pieces that tip over into the ‘would I, should I, could I’ genre.

When you wear something from here expect to be asked where you found it - although there are many All Saints stores and now you’ll find them globally, this is not a brand that hits the everyday mainstream.  All Saints clothes are totally unique and have a look that is easily identifyable with artisan, vintage and tribal references, chic embellishment and rare prints contrasting with heavy metal zips, contrast stitching and webbing.
 All Saints Epiphany Dress All Saints Tea DressAll Saints Necklace All Saints Cancity Dress
Choose a look here that is original but very wearable or go for something very different and avant-garde, the beauty of buying here is that although the prices are upper high-street, the look and make at All Saints has a very designer feel.  You can add just one piece to your wardrobe or go for the whole look.
All Saints Leather JacketAll Saiints Bandini DressAll Saints Scarf  All Saints Dress
My personal favourites are always the dresses, most of which make a statement and flatter every figure from curvy to straight, the high quality leathers which move forward each season and the accessories, totally different from what you can find anywhere else.