Friday 27 April 2012

Alexis Bittar–Must-Have Jewellery from a Master of Contemporary Design

Alexis Bittar is a designer of modern, often crystal encrusted, often originally shaped but always interesting jewellery.  Available in many stores in the US, Alexis Bittar is sadly unrepresented in the UK, with small parts of his collection available here and there, but nowhere near as much choice as you’ll find in a store such as Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.

Becoming more and more mainstream in the US Alexis Bittar will always have something interesting to offer, albeit surprisingly reasonably priced.  For modern jewellery lovers he is a must, and one of the plus’s now of course is that you can order straight from the US.
Alexis Bittar Satin Dust Earrings Alexis Bittar CuffAlexis Bittar wavy link drop earrings Alexis Bittar Twisted Chain Necklace.
Specialising in use of crystals and lucite but also incorporating seme-precious stones , chains and shell pearls, the collection is always changing and moving forwards, so if you find something you like you need to buy it when you see it.
 Alexis Bittar Pebble Rose Cuff  Alexis Bittar Star Dust Earrings Alexis Bittar Lavender Dust Hinged BraceletAlexis Bittar Crystal Ring.
You can order Alexis Bitter from Nordstrom in the US until it’s more widely available here, and I’ll let you know, you’ll pay a bit more than you would if you were over there, of course, as you’ll need to add on duty and shipping, however you can be absolutely certain that if it’s made with crystal, it will sparkle, that everything is of a high quality manufacture and original design, and that everyone will be asking you where you found it.  And I know these things………
   Alexis Bittar Dune Dust Hinged BraceletsAlexis Bittar Bellflower Multistrand NecklaceAlexis Bittar Pave Accent CuffAlexis Bittar Crystal Hoop Earrings