Sunday 4 March 2012

Ugg Collection Spring 2012–Ugg Rethought

Ugg Collection takes a brand that I certainly have always associated with that certain style of sheepskin boot loved by so many and transports it into high fashion.  Whether this will work or not remains to be seen, but the label is so well known it must have a good starting chance.  Who doesn’t know the name Ugg?

I bought my first pair of Ugg boots last autumn, and they weren’t what I expected from Ugg, that they still sell in the thousands.  I don’t like totally flat boots, I find them hard to walk in, so when I found Ugg’s riding style boot, still lined in sheepskin but with  more of a tall boot style I went for them and if I haven’t yet worn them out I undoubtedly will.

The new Ugg Collection is quite exceptional.  It’s expensive, made in Italy and fashioned with high style, high heels and from high quality leathers.  But who wouldn’t want to own a pair?  I certainly do.

Ugg Collection Sandal Ugg Collection Marchella Ugg Collection Cynthia
For those not looking in the high fashion zone and want their Ugg’s to be summery and slightly less bank breaking there are also these;

Ugg Luciana Wedge Sandal Ugg Noella Wedge SandalUgg Sandals
Take your choice.