Monday, 3 February 2014

Anglomania, Helmut Lang or DKNY? What to Wear for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner - Updated about it I’m sure I have nothing to wear, were I to be invited out to a romantic dinner on the 14th, scouring through my wardrobe I really can’t see anything.  I’m sure that this calls for something new.

The problem is always how dressed up to be as, supposedly, you may not know where you’re going to be taken, somewhere very swish and dressed up or a little cosy intimate and more casual place?  Who knows?  And frankly you probably don’t want to know in advance.

So the answer has, of course to be a little black dress, sexy, glamorous and elegant at the same time, a little black dress you’d be happy to be seen anywhere in, any time, and a dress that you’ll treasure and wear over and over again.  Things to look for are that extra little bit of detailing, lace, embellishment, the shimmer of sequins, a strappy neckline, a subtle sexy mesh panel or a flared skirt, anything that makes your purchase out of the ordinary and helps you to look extraordinary.   

Which of the these would I choose?  I’m absolutely not telling.  That would totally give the game away……………………..

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