Tuesday 7 February 2012

Scented Candles and Grecian Jewellery by Ancienne Ambiance–Give Something Different this Valentine’s Day

Persia Rose and Jasmin CandleAncienne Ambiance is one of those online retailers you may not have heard of until you come across them for some reason, at which time they instantly become a favourite.  Having received some of these scented candles myself I know how beautifully fragrant and long lasting they are and there’s a something very special about receiving something you can’t find in the mainstream stores.   So give something different this Valentine’s Day.

Adriana Carlucci, founder of Ancienne Ambiance, established the concept of luxury goods inspired by antiquity, creating a unique collection of superb quality candles with names and fragrances such as Assyria Orange BlossomAphrodite – Cypress and uplifting Black Phoenicia.  With elegant hand-crafted packaging and small inserts made of hand-made Egyptian papyrus carrying the description and ancient associations of the scents used, this is not just a unique collection but cleverly presented as well.

Silver Athena Cuff
The stylish Grecian dress jewellery is hand made in Greece exclusively for Ancienne Ambiance – if not for a Valentine’s Day gift then treat yourself - there are other jewellery ranges here including carnelian and turquoise. 

Ancienne Ambiance offers a range you can’t find anywhere else, with beautiful fragrances and very high quality packaging.  Visit it for Valentine’s Day or any other day when you want to give something very special and different.  They offer an express delivery service.

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