Friday 17 February 2012

Pinterest–Diary of a Pinner–2

Pinterest My Style I can freely admit, after less than a week, to being totally hooked on Pinterest, for several reasons:

Firstly it’s extremely engaging, a place to put all of your favourite things and keep them together.

The format is very attractive, and Pinterest is so easy to use.

It’s a demonstration of personal style, the items, places, pictures, fashion that you choose are on show, it’s all about you, individual or brand,  no matter who or what you’re showcasing.

Whereas putting things down in words doesn’t always come easily to some, when you have unlimited access to the pictures on the web there no excuse for not being creative, you don’t have to think about something to say all of the time, you can say what you think in pictures, and pictures of course, speak instantly.

Finally it is becoming more and more obvious to me that this new fast growing form of social media, and make no mistake, Pinterest is about ‘social’, can be huge for business – for showcasing products, trends, the ‘must-have’ of the moment, new arrivals,  items on offer, a place to create desire for pieces not yet available.  The potential is huge, and although Pinterest is growing like topsy, it hasn’t begun to be tapped yet.

Once brands realise the captured audience that Pinterest has, already over 10 Monthly Uniques by Feb 7 2012, and that it is ‘The Fastest Growing Stand-Alone Site Ever) it will begin to be monetized extremely fast.  Are you there yet?

Now in the US this is food for new board ideas – the wish to update and create is very strong.  It’s early days yet so everything is trial and error, to see what followers are interested in, who follows you, who re-pins your pictures and almost too early to work out why, that will come I have no doubt.

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