Tuesday 14 February 2012

Emma Bridgewater–A Brand to Fall in Love With

Who doesn’t have one, two or a few more of Emma Bridgewater’s wonderful collection?  Own up please, if you don’t, then you might want to think about it, in terms of excellent gifts, at-home treats, feel good coffee and just feel good everything Emma Bridgewater takes the biscuit.

Founded in 1985 by, you guessed it, Emma Bridgewater, because she couldn’t find the birthday present she wanted for her mother (and don’t all the best companies start off that way?), Emma Bridgewater’s turnover is now up in the millions.  Her collection is idiosyncratic and immediately identifiable, whether it’s a mug, a clock, a glass or a notebook, high quality, beautifully designed and not over priced.

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Tea Cup Emma Bridgewater Champagne Flutes  Emma Bridgewater Love MugEmma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Notebook  Emma Bridgewater Roses Mug  Emma Bridgewater Best Mum Mug Emma Bridgewater Sampler BowlEmma Bridgewater Happiness MugsEmma Bridgewater Speckled Sussex Hen Mug Emma Bridgewater Storm Lantern
Creating collectibles in this climate has to be an art, and Emma Bridgewater appears to have done just that. Whatever the occasion there’ll be something special to fit in with it, and best of all these are gifts that not only don’t break the bank and will be used immediately, but they last as well. 

If you want to browse the Emma Bridgewater collection and have your choice wrapped and sent out for you at high speed, whether for Mother’s Day, Easter or any other occasion, visit www.adventino.co.uk, you’ll find the collection at John Lewis as well.

Now who’s pinched my golden retriever mug?  Come along……own up.
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