Saturday 4 February 2012

Emma Bridgewater to Nina Campbell - Amanda Darley’s Favourite Valentine’s Day Gifts

Amanda Darley’s website,, is bursting to the seams with clever, different and gorgeous gift ideas.  It is, as she admits herself, a carefully chosen selection of beautiful home accessories and ideas that she would be happy to have in her home.  So when you buy from Adventino you’re not just buying a ‘gift’, but something that has already been picked out specially for a person, occasion, or a home.

In her Valentine’s Day Gifts section Amanda has chosen things that she would like to give or to receive, and her top ten include Emma Bridgewater mugs, Gianna Rose soaps, Nina Campbell’s lushly scented candles and a silvered heart bookmark – all gifts that are light-hearted, whimsical and pretty enough that you’d want to use them immediately.

Emma Bridgewater Big Love MugVanilla Pear Soaps Hammered Heart Dish Nina Campbell Candle Emma Bridgewater Mug Silver Heart Necklace Heart Bookmark  Heart Toast Rack Heart CushionSilver Oyster Shell 

Craigdon Mountain SportsNothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but definitely in tune with the temperature outside, new in Latest Websites at is Craigdon Mountain Sports, offering a huge range of outdoor sports clothes and equipment for runners, climbers, trekkers and skiers and lots of casual cold weather clothing and accessories including fleece and thermals. 

There are some very good prices here so this website is well worth checking out right now.  After all.  It appears to be snowing outside…………..
They offer 24 hour delivery on many items and will ship to most places in the EU.

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