Monday 9 January 2012

Victoria’s Secret–The Push-Up Girls are Coming to Town


Victorias Secret

As announced by the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and GQ last year, Victoria’s Secret will be arriving in the UK this year to the delight of anyone who loves glamorous lingerie.

You might think, bearing in mind the stupendously gorgeous models on show, some of whom are bound to be involved in the launch (just guessing), that  Victoria’s Secret is only about glamour models, fabulous figures and sexy underpinnings, however, as someone who has crossed the pond regularly over the past few years and shopped from them several times I can tell you that what you will find there is high quality and a choice second to none, and I’ll bet you anything they’re going to give quite a few lingerie retailers in the UK a real run for their money.  As they should. Victorias Secret Very Sexy Bra

The most important thing with Victoria’s Secret, particularly where the bras are concerned, is to make sure you get the right size, it may not necessarily be exactly the same as what you wear here.  In the same way that fashion is differently sized by designer, so is lingerie and you need to get it right.  So either go into the store and find your right size or, if in doubt, order two sizes online.  You may find they are very slightly on the small side.

In the stores there are always experts on hand to make sure you’re fitted right -  think of taking a short cut and not doing this first forget it – this is true, of course, of buying bras anywhere.  According to The Guardian last year, a Debenhams survey found that 85% of women wore the wrong size.  Girls get ready.  This is somewhere you really don’t want to get it wrong.

Miraculous Push Up BraDon’t be put off by, assuming that the format rolled out in the UK will be the same as the US, by the black dressed staff all with headsets ready to direct you to the right bra (!) nor think that this superb lingerie destination is not for you.  Go get measured, try on every style you’re inclined to to see which is best for you, then choose your colours/patterns etc.  Then of course you can order online, secure in the knowledge that what will turn up, be it a Very SexyMiraculous or Full Coverage bra with anything from subtle to va-va-voom lift will fit perfectly into your lingerie drawer and on your person.

Don’t expect Victoria’s Secret to be cheap, it isn’t, and fits in between the cheaper brands and ‘designer’ lingerie.  However it’s worth every penny, not just from the quality and choice point of view, but the simple feel-good factor of wearing something pretty, glamorous and curve-enhancing under your clothes.   Expect to get noticed………