Monday 30 January 2012

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Choosing gifts for men on Valentine’s Day can be quite a task, after all, you’re not going to go down the chocolates and roses route now are you?  Are you?  Cards are easy to exchange and there are lots to choose from, however gifts are a different matter.  We’re all just recovering from the Christmas gift spend and you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift (particularly if you’re expecting something in return) that is not too serious, doesn’t convey too much of a message, probably, and doesn’t break the bank. 

 Heart Socks Paul Smith Card HolderPaul Smith TieCashmere ScarfRalph Lauren Belt
You can only give so many heart motif gifts where men are concerned, after all, whereas girls can wear hearts (on their sleeves or otherwise) all the year round, men normally don’t want to be that obvious. My favourite here are Perilla’s heart socks, a very subtle way to wear a heart and a clever gift, otherwise Valentine’s Day Gifts have to be lighthearted and/or colourful and a gift that’ll remind him that if he forgot the roses/candlelight dinner/diamond earrings on the day he better make up for it fast………………..

 Duchamp Bow Tie Fortnums Dark Chocolate Selection Paul Smith Pen Paul Smith Cufflinks Bed Socks
And just in case you’re of a mind to give a little luxury……..

Noise Cancelling Headphones  Burberry iPad Sleeve Burberry ScarfPaul Smith Laptop Case Tom Ford Fragrance
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