Friday 13 January 2012

Restaurant Reviews–Javier’s Mexican Restaurant Dallas

If you’re thinking of paying a visit to Dallas in the near future one to put on your list is without a doubt Javier’s Gourmet Mexican Restaurant.  And make sure you book first as if you don’t you’re likely to be turned away at the door.

Javier's Mexican Restaurant 3
I’ve eaten here several times, usually on my arrival to work in Dallas and enjoyed it every time.  This is not your average ‘Tex Mex’ restaurant, but somewhere to go for authentic Mexico City dining, so expect delicious food and spicy, sometimes unexpected flavours. 

Javier’s is Mexican styled, low-lit, very atmospheric and almost always extremely crowded with foodies and Dallas movers and shakers alike.  You may feel inclined to play it safe and order guacamole or nachos as appetizers, but my suggestion, as you can get these anywhere, is to try something different, such as Ceviche (raw marinated fish and shrimp) or their famous Tortilla Soup but be warned.  This can really fill you up.

Javier's Mexican Restaurant 
Last night I played it safe and had chicken Fajitas, which were so much more flavoursome than anything I’ve had elsewhere, but their Codorniza a la Talla - charbroiled domestic quail marinated in a spicy chile ancho and garlic sauce which I sampled was seriously delicious also. 

I have to confess I have never made it through to desert so I really can’t advise you, other than to say that it includes Key Lime Pie, New York style cheesecake and Kahlua flan, I would be surprised if you make it there either, as the portions are not small and it is the Mexican influences that you’re looking for here after all.

Other than home made Fajitas, which I confess to have given up making since coming here as they simply don’t compare, I have not come across a great Mexican restaurant in London, but then I haven’t looked very hard.  If you know of one, pass it this way.  Authentic spicy and  delicious Mexican food is well worth hunting down.

Oh yes, and the margaritas are world class.  Forget all the salt, the frozen margaritas and ‘on the rocks’.  Go for straight up and feel the burn… have been warned.