Sunday 1 January 2012

Laura Mercier via the BBC–A Little Pot of Brightening Powder

A few days ago I was having my makeup touched up at the BBC – as you do and Laura Mercier Brightening Powder was the hero product of the day and has evicted several from my own makeup bag.  The reviews are all true.

Having spent several years of my life on fashion photo shoots with the pic of the hair and make-up artists and had lots of free ‘face painting’ I’m pretty good at putting on my face in the morning at high speed, even at 5.30am, so there wasn’t much help needed, however, she did pick up this one little pot off her table with the distinctive Laura Mercier lid.  When asked, she told me that it was (you guessed) Laura Mercier Brightening Powder – the very best, she said, for lifting dark shadows and brightening your makeup.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Not that I get carried away and rush into things but there was, girls, a definite difference and I’m all for brightening – overloading the concealer simply doesn’t work and though there are other good products (more later) this one had an immediate effect.

A pot is now sitting in my makeup kit, applied with a little brush, and I can promise you it does the job, just giving that extra lift when and where it’s needed.  If it seems like a tiny pot for quite a lot of money a little goes a very long way.  Everyone should have Laura Mercier’s Brightening Powder as one of their beauty tools.  Shade 1 is very light.  Shade 2 is best for medium complexions – many places just sell the one (and don’t tell you which it is in some cases) John Lewis has both.  Go for it.

A very Happy New Year to everyone – more shopping, more fun, more travel, more laughter, more music, more writing – my six key phrases for 2012.   Not necessarily in that order.  

Have you worked out what yours are yet?…………………………………
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