Thursday 26 January 2012

How to Choose Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girls.

This can be a tricky one.  What kind of message do you want to give?  If it’s the ‘marry me tomorrow’ kind, then life is easy – book your favourite place to eat – I hope you’ve already done that – order the roses and choose the (conflict free) diamond.  Sorted.

Of course most Valentine’s Days are not like that, and it’s about how to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you a lot’.  You can just do the special meal and flowers bit, or the candlelit dinner for two, but most girls love a little something special.  Jewellery, chocolates and roses are the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, and here are some of those plus a few more, non bank-breaking ideas. 

If you’re going to be specific and buy fragrance make sure it’s one she loves, or a scent that has similar tones – buying fragrance for others is always tricky and on Valentine’s Day you don’t want to get it wrong.  A scented candle is easier and a girl can never have too many.

As for buying lingerie?  That’s another issue altogether.  Coming up soon……………….

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