Friday, 16 December 2011

From Hilfiger to Heattech - How to Beat the Chill in Style

Living out in the wilds (if you can call them that) of Bucks, I know only too well that the priority, at a certain time of year, comes down to staying warm rather than looking stylish, which is ok up to a point but the temptation to step out in fleece and an old pair of Uggs is all too strong at times and needs to be resisted.

The answer is to have an interchangeable collection of casual but stylish, warm pieces that you can slip on over your Heattech and that turn you instantly into a chic out-0f-towner with a look that works just about everywhere.  Heattech, to start with, is fine enough to be worn under pretty well anything, so if you haven’t already I would invest in these below.  There’s new stock coming in all the time so keep checking back if you don’t find your colour choice in your size, however the plan is to keep this as your base layer so other than your roll neck you won’t be showing much.

If you like to wear your Heattech quite well fitted, as I do, then go down a size, particularly on the tops.

Heattech Polo Neck Heattech Crew Neck Top Heattech Leggings Heattech Socks

You can slip your favourite jeans over your Heattech leggings, alternatively invest in a pair of slim stretch jersey pants.  I have some by M&S that never lose their shape and you can get to them here, however if you want to go for broke you could invest in a pair of ponte jersey skinny pants by Vince.

A great sweater/cardigan/jacket is next on the list in terms of importance, casual but current and preferably slim fitting and long enough to cover your bum.  And cosy of course.  Perfect for curling up in but great for going out in too.  These are by L’Agence, Duffy, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, Brora and Jigsaw.

L'Agence Faux Fur Collar Cardigan Duffy Hooded Cardigan Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Cardigan  Brora Shetland JacketTie waist cardigan

Then it comes down to a great pair of boots, boots to keep your feet warm and dry and flatter your legs.  I’ve never been a lover of the flat original Ugg boot although my daughter loves hers, but Ugg have introduced some new styles which totally fit the bill.  The Jillian,  the second from the left, is from Nordstrom, where you can order all the sizes to be shipped here, you can also find them at Cloggs.  They are far more like the Nordstrom picture (and I know these things).

Ugg Hartley Boot Ugg Jillian Nordstrom Esprit Brown BootsReplay BootsUgg Lillian Boot

Finally there’s a coat, an investment number that’ll be keeping you warm for years, so it’s well worth buying something as high quality as you can.  For cold weather there are two options, down, and shearling.  Buy both if at all possible, you never know when you’re going to need them……….

Nike Down Coat Tommy Hilfiger Down Coat Max Mara Quilted CoatShearling Coat Jaeger Sheepskin Coat

Many of the items featured here are on sale, so click through fast if you see something you like……………