Sunday, 20 November 2011

Espadrilles from–Perfect for your Winter Sun Holiday

Whilst some of us are snuggling up in our sheepskin boots, others are happily packing their bags in anticipation of sandy beaches, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.  Espadrilles, wearable, colourful, comfortable and chic are the perfect holiday companions for this type of trip, particularly as frequently one pair will take you down to the beach, out shopping and on to dinner.
Espadrilles DavinaEspadrilles Charlene Espadrilles Zamora specialises in, obviously, espadrilles, but not just any old espadrilles.  Every pair here is made in sun filled valleys and seaside towns throughout Spain and France, with style and production expertise that has been handed down over the centuries, and with hand stitched cotton uppers that adjust to your feet.  There are espadrilles for men, women and kids, and choice is spectacular.  Also every paid is sent out beautifully packed in it's own pretty bag.

Espadrilles Maia  Espadrilles Amaia Tita Shopping Bag

There’s an endless selection of colours and styles, here, from the glamorous silver or gold Charlene, to the colourful Davina or bow trimmed Sylvana, and if you’re looking for elegant black just click through to the Black Beauties section and find them all there.  Along with the espadrilles there are also some gorgeously coloured beach bags and holiday shopping bags, plus delightful holiday espadrilles for kids. ships globally using UPS Express, with delivery taking no more than 1 – 2 days to the USA and most of Europe.