Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Unique Handmade Wayuu Taya Bag–Have you Made One Yours Yet?

Wayuu Taya Bag Chocolate and PinkSteal of the Month in September Vogue, you can now find these unique handmade Wayuu Susu Bags at, Ronit Zilkha’s new gem of a website.  Worn by celebrities and snapped up as fast as they hit the shelves across the pond, these bags are totally covetable.Wayuu Taya Bag Red and Beige

Each Wayuu bag is totally individual, made entirely by hand and taking approximately 21 days to create.  When you buy one you do so in the knowledge that you are helping the Wayuu Taya foundation to improve the lives of their community and at the same time help them to maintain their traditions and cultures.

Each bag is different, so don’t expect your favourite to still be there if you leave it too long to purchase. There will almost certainly be a different colourway but it will never be exactly the same. These bags make wonderful gifts as well. 

Wayu Taya Foundation LogoCurrent colourways include chocolate and pink, red and natural and red, black and white and they all have the Wayuu Taya Foundation logo with the individual bag number stamped on it.  They have tassled ties and long colourful straps which you can wear cross-body or over your shoulder and each measures approximately 15” high by 16” deep so they’ll carry just about everything, including your iPad. won’t have dozens of these waiting to be bought as they’re quite a rarity, so make sure you snap yours up fast………….They retail for £145 each. by Ronit Zilka has a special promotion at the moment, just quote SG15 at checkout to get 15% off your order.