Friday, 18 November 2011

Top 10 Clever Gadget Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Real gadget lovers love gadget gifts that actually do something – not the kind you end up wondering what to do with after a couple of days (or secretly decide to give away again when no-one’s looking) but gadgets that are useful, that you end up thinking ‘how did I manage without that before?

The best gadget gifts are those that add to something you already have or help with what you do.  They may be innovative and attractive or particularly clever, but they’re also functional.  

griffin survivor iPhone CaseSimultaneous ChargerPower MonkeyiPad Keyboard Case

There are, of course, numerous gadgets and add-ons for iPhones and iPads around, some of the most useful will charge your phone wherever you are (on a plane, anywhere), allow you to hook up a keypad to your iPad or other tablet, charge more than one unit at once tidily and protect your iPhone in all weathers and when, inevitably, you drop it.
Camera Lens MugBoogie Board Writing TabletGorillapost Camera Tripod
Then still fun and functional there is this season’s must-have camera lens mug, the tablet note-pad, and Gorillapod tripod, another incredibly popular and useful gadget that lets you hook your compact digital camera up to just about any surface.   Incidentally these are three that will sell out fast as they’re already on the best seller lists, so don’t wait to order them until it’s too late.

Mini Speaker Logitech Laptop Mouse Griffin Powerjolt Charger

Finally these are three of my favourites – these mini speakers will fit into the smallest of bags, and make an extraordinary amount of noise.  I own some and they go with me everywhere, as does this little red mouse, the perfect laptop mouse, with a tiny USB you never have to remove.  And the double car charger, extremely useful when you want to charge up your iPhone or iPad and at the same time you can plug in something else as well.

The Griffin Survivor iPhone Case – Designed to protect your iPhone in extreme conditions, built from shatter resistant polycarbonate
iPADock – Simultaneous charger for four iGadgets
Kensington iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case – Turn your iPad or iPad2 into a mini laptop in a flash
Boogie Board Writing Tablet – Thin and lightweight, take this with you everywhere.
Camera Lens Mug – One of the hot gifts this season (sorry, no pun intended), fun and functional at the same time.
Power Monkey Charger – The best way to charge your phone or iPod on the move
Veho Mini Speaker – More sound than you would believe from your iPhone, Blackberry, iPod or Nano.  Great for travelling.
Logitech Laptop USB Mouse – In red or black, with the smallest USB link so you can always leave it in.
Griffin Powerjolt Charger – Essential double car charger.
Gorillapod Camera Tripod – The bendy Gorillapod allows you to secure your compact digital camera on just about any surface. 

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Remember when picking out gadgets for people to make sure that what you buy they’re likely to use, and that what you choose is not just something that you’d like to play with, although you may get a chance after it’s unwrapped, I guess……………………………………..