Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to Wear The Knit Dress–Your New Winter Best Friend


Clover DressEvery store, online and off, is now well into the knit dress and at all levels from designer to high street. 

Some of these are quite hard to wear, depending on the shape they hide absolutely nothing, they can droop (and drop) and look as if you just pulled any old thing out of your closet but, and it is a big but, if you get yours right you can wear it over and over again, from day to casual evening, and look as chic as you want to.

Too many are worn without enough attention to detail – yes it’s supposed to be an ‘easy dress’ but make a statement in yours, make sure it’s the right length for you, wear with boots, a leather or denim jacket (or coat depending on how cold it is) great jewellery and a modern bag and make sure that it looks as good from the back as it does from the front.  This one can be a head turner……..if you want it to be.

On the subject of the back view make sure you check it out before you buy.  Some are in quite a fine knit and will take no prisoners when viewed from behind.  You have been warned.  And if you’re not sure about the whole bodycon effect buy one with ruching in the right place or a less fitted shape .  Spanx can only work so much magic, whatever they say.

Phase Eight Knit Dress Oasis Knit Dress   Reiss Knit DressFarhi Knit DressFat Face Knit Dress

 phase eight black knit dressCrumpet Knit Dress Karen Millen Knit Dress Hobbs Knit DressRebecca Taylor Knit Dress

Be careful of horizontal stripes unless you’re sure you can wear them, particularly the more obvious ones and wear yours to the limit, it’s your new winter best friend.

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