Monday, 7 November 2011

Fill Your Own Crackers–Gadget Crackers–Luxury Crackers - Froufrou and Thomas–Seriously Special Christmas Crackers


Damask Christmas CrackersIf you want to move away from the ordinary to the extraordinary in the Christmas cracker department this Christmas you need to have a browse on Froufrou and Thomas’s website, where you’ll find unique luxury fill your own crackers, craft felt doll and Country Heart crackers, children’s crackers, gadget crackers and seriously beautiful damask crackers in a choice of colours.

It's all too easy to rush out to the shops and buy just ‘crackers’, to decorate your table with.  Inevitably they cost a fortune, even the more reasonably priced crackers and everything, from the hat to the motto to the gift inside invariably gets thrown away or first trampled underfoot.

The Christmas crackers from Froufrou and Thomas are so much more special.  Most popular are their fill your own crackers which you can fill with anything you choose and make them a gift in their own right.  Fill your own crackers come beautifully tied with hat, snap and motto, loosely tied at one end so you can slip in your gifts with ease.

Gold CrackersGadget Christmas CrackersGreen and Red Christmas Crackers

Children’s crackers are filled with all things Pirate, racing cars and lorries, indoor games or twinkling fairies, and you can also order boxes of crackers filled with gadgets, scented sachets, wine charms or more.

Children's Crackers Felt Doll CrackersCountry Heart Christmas Crackers

These crackers are of course more expensive than the throw away variety but as I said before, they’re seriously special and gifts in their own right, helping to enhance a fabulously festive Christmas.  Once you’ve chosen your Christmas crackers from Froufrou and Thomas you’re extremely unlikely to go anywhere else again. 

You can also order luxury Christmas gift wrap, wedding crackers, Easter crackers and Valentine’s Day crackers here.