Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Dos and Don’ts of Giving Home Accessory Gifts

Home accessory gifts can seem an easy option when you’re not sure what to give someone, however if you don’t get it right they can be a big mistake, so here are a list of the Dos and Don’ts if you love home decor, love to be given gifts for your home, and assume that everyone else does as well.

This is no different from the basic rules of giving gifts, in that you should choose something appropriate to the recipient and not because you love it and think they should too.  All too often people select gifts on that basis, which is why so many gifts are put away, never to be seen again, or, worst of all, given on.

Modern red flower cushionflower jugGlass Vase and TasselNaif Horse

The Dos

1.  Have a good look around the home of the person you want to give something to and check out the style.  There will always be a distinctive style from modern to traditional to shabby chic.  Stick to this style.

2.   Go with the colour theme already in existence – a riot of colour or modern neutrals – they’ve chosen, go along with it.

3.   If you think something will work but you’re not entirely sure give your gift with a gift certificate so they can change it if they want to, and be prepared not to be offended if they do.

4.  Are all the surfaces very clean and clear, or full of clutter?  If they are very clear and tidy be wary of giving this type of gift, usually a carefully chosen selection of items will be on display already and your gift won’t get a look-in.

The Don’ts

1.  Don’t give on anything that you’ve been given unless you’re absolutely certain that it’s in the right style.

2.  Don’t think that your gift will be special, just because it’s from you.  If it doesn’t fit it will be put away or worse…..given on and you’ll never see it on display.

3.  Don’t give something colourful if the house if full of neutrals and there’s very little colour about. 

4.  Don’t give something modern if the house is very traditional

5.  Don’t select your own style.  Only look for something in theirs.

Riedel Decantermodern neutral cushionHome Fragrancecandle holder

This all may sound very basic stuff, but it’s amazing how often people give gifts for the home that just, quite simply, don’t suit and it puts the recipient in an impossible position, as they know you’ll be looking around to see where they’ve put it on your next visit, and all they want to do is put it in a drawer or cupboard and forget about it.  Over to you.

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