Friday, 28 October 2011

Snow Boots–10 of the Best

10 of the best pairs of show boots out there right now, what to look for and how to wear them.

Yeti Snow Boot

Unless you’re a regular skier or snow country walker you may not have been prepared for the snow last winter.  Living right out in the country as I do with several (sometimes more than expected) large dogs and having skied in the past I was prepared thankfully, and spent much of the winter months in full-on ski gear including ski pants, down jacket, fleece (usually more than one) thermals and snow boots.

  Le Coq Sportif Snow BootsTommy Hilfiger Snow BootsMarco Polo Snow Boots 2

There are so many snow boots on the market today that are either cheap and not properly functional – ie they won’t stop you slipping, they won’t keep your feet dry nor keep them warm so it’s really important how you choose.  Designer snow boots?  By all means, as long a they do the job properly.

Olang Snow Boot Pikolinos Apres Ski Boots Sketchers Snow Boots

Finding a pair of snow boots that combine looks with functionality can be quite hard, particularly if you leave it until the very last moment, when you’ll probably be tempted to grab the first pair you see.  Look for snow boots with deeply grooved thick rubber soles, that are waterproof and have a good seal between the fabric and the sole (and this is where so many of the cheap ones fall down) and that come high enough up your leg so that if you are in 12 inches of snow you’ll still be dry and warm.  People tend to forget that snow boots are not just for walking in snow, but slush as well, which can be extremely slippery, this is why the grooved sole is so important.

Marco Polo Snow Boots  Hogl Snow BootLegero Snow Boot

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good pair of boots.  But they have to be designed for the purpose, and it’s well worth investing now.  Your favourite Ugg boots will not do the job in proper snow, nor will Emu, FitFlop or any other ‘casual’ warm boot, although most brands are getting the message and adapting for the snow.  Go for the real thing and you won’t regret it, and you’re more likely to find a pair you like if you start looking in advance.