Thursday, 1 September 2011

Olay Regenerist Cleansing Cloths–Flash Dry and Foundation Primer–3 Beauty Products that do More for Less

Olay Regenerist Cleansing ClothsFor some reason whenever I visit the US I’m not drawn to the counters of Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy and Nars as I used to be as they’re so widely available in the UK now but to the treasure trove of waiting to be discovered and tried out beauty tools and products that is CVS.  And yes, I am laughed at on occasion, but now I go nowhere without my Olay Regenerist cleansing cloths, Orly Flash Dry and L’Oreal Studio Secrets Foundation Primer

L'Oreal Foundation Primer
Catch me drooling over the range in my local Boots or Superdrug when at home?  Forget about it.  But there’s something about this store, with its multitudinous choice, wide aisles, lack of crowding and great prices that never fails to tempt.  Far more fun to browse here then and find something new to try out then to spend the small fortune that it’s so easy to do on the superbrands.

On a previous visit I discovered these three products and decided to decamp off to London with them and give them a good try.  Now of course I’ve had to source them in the UK as they’ve become total beauty essentials.  Not only do they do exactly what it says oFlash Dryn the ‘tin’, but they’re excellent time savers as well – a boon when you’re trying to juggle going from work to the gym or a speedy escape from the house in the morning.
I’m aware that I’ve written about Orly Flash Dry before, but bearing in mind just how excellent this product is (manicure to dry nails in a nano-second) I’ve included it here as well.  Go try, you won’t regret it.

Last night I was lucky enough to be taken to a superb Dallas eatery, Salum, where the food is absolutely delicious.  So good, in fact, that it deserves it’s own post. …………… coming up shortly along with the excellent all-American cafe and bar that is Stoneleigh P.