Friday, 9 September 2011

Jil Sander and the Final +J Collection for Uniqlo

Unsurprisingly if you haven’t invested in some of the pieces from this final collaboration for +J between Jil Sander and Uniqlo then as far as online is concerned you don’t stand a chance.  The collection launched on September 8th and already some styles have sold out, despite a quite high price point. 

The problem with ‘Final’ and ‘Last chance’ is that inevitably the temptation is to rush in and after all, this is online, and you can send it all back…………………..Having said that if you love Jil Sander’s modern, minimalist style then you will love this collection, mainly in deep colours black, dark brown, wine and navy blue and modern to a statement level in most cases, so if classic is more your style don’t panic about the sell-outs, this collection wasn’t for you anyway.

Uniqlo has re-launched their website with clear pictures (although more views would be welcome) and you can see immediately if your size is available.  I’m not going to waste your time with any more – take a look and go shop quick if any of these catches your eye….
Uniqlo  J wool down parka Uniqlo  J wool jacket Uniqlo  J olive green parka Uniqlo  J Cashmere Cardigan
In London yesterday seriously unsure which season it was wearing, as you do, layers of fine knits, most of which ended up being carried.  Still hoping, but I guess in vain, for an Indian summer.  November probably.  That would almost make sense bearing in mind our British climate right now. 

In any case a good meal at the Wolsley.  Book at 6pm and you don’t normally have any problems in getting in and you’ll be sitting side by side with families having the full-on tea service but who cares.  That’s surely the whole point of a place to eat that serves right through the day from breakfast to dinner.  The only trouble is you’re bound to be hungry later………………………….