Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Down Coat–10 of the Best on Sale Right Now–Blink and They’ll be Gone

If you’d said to me, this time last year, that now was the time to be investing in a new down coat I probably would have laughed at you.  Early September?  For goodness sake.  No way.  So waiting for October and finding nothing that appealed available in my size any more I swam all winter in my long two sizes too big down coat that I had had for several years.

Where I live it gets cold quite early on, even though I’m down South, and with three dogs to walk every morning, and/or getting the early train into London for meetings after standing on a freezing platform a really good coat is essential.  So far so simple, but how do you combine the two?  Something you can wear with jeans at weekends and on walks, that looks good enough to take you into town and that, whatever you do and wherever you are will keep you warm?

Moncler Down Coat   Chocolate Down CoatTommy Hilfiger Down CoatMoncler Taupe Down CoatGrey Belted Down Coat

Essentially if you’re in the market this year for a new down coat you need to buy it right now as if you wait you’ll be scouring the stores and will probably settle for something less than perfect.  Ideally you want a coat long enough so you can wear it smartly with a dress and boots, nips in at the waist to stop you looking like the Michelin man (and boy do I have one of those………..see below) looks great with jeans, will keep you warm, and doesn’t look too ‘country’ to take to town.  Oh yes and has a hood.  Don’t make the mistake of buying one of these without a hood.  Belts are debatable, anything over size 10 if you’re normal height and they will simply look bulky – over to you.

Day Birger Down Coat   Max Mara Quilted Coat Patrizia Pepe Quilted CoatJoseph Down CoatTommy Hilfiger Down Coat 2

Here are some of the down coats available right now.  I know that the sun’s just come out but really don’t wait, these are just waiting to be snapped up and come the first frost………………..most will be long gone, nestling in someone else’s closet waiting to be pulled out. Snow Pic