Friday, 16 September 2011

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Buying Jeans


Paige Premium Denim JeansBuying jeans if you’re a curvy girl can present problems, or it would appear that it does from examining the female jeans wearing population in London the other day.  There are jeans for every shape available in far too many colours rinses and washes to list here but it seems all too easy to get it wrong.Armani Jeans

I sat on the train a while back opposite a mother and her late-teenage daughter.  Both wearing the same jeans (or at least that was what it looked like) but each a totally different size and shape.  The daughter, with her medium rise jeans looked perfect.  The mother, with her muffin top looked………………….er…………….far from perfect.

The idea of a great pair of jeans is for them to be flattering, to fit everywhere they need to fit, not to be tight and definitely not to be loose and they absolutely have to be the right length.  If you have any in your closet that you suspect are too short when you put them on with heels get rid of them immediately or only be seen in them tucked into boots, and only then if they’re slim cut.  There are so many slip-ups to make with jeans and so many people make them.

Not Your Daughter's JeansWaist - The best jeans for curvy girls hit on the waist unless you have a seriously flat stomach, in which case you can go a little lower, however, when you’re choosing which pair make sure you look at yourself sitting down, from the side and in front.  If you don’t like what you see, don’t go there.

Wash – Darker washes will always be more flattering as they streamline your shape and make your legs look longer.

Fit – Only buy jeans with stretch, and more is better than less.  Never buy a pair of baggy jeans but don’t buy something that’s too tight either.  Take the time to find a brand and style that fits your body.

Rear – A great pair of jeans will flatter your behind and fit it perfectly, so make sure that you look in the mirror7 For All Mankind Jeans from the back before you buy. 

Leg – Bootleg is the most flattering shape.  Over-flared will make you look shorter, and skinny will emphasise your hips and thighs.

Length – Unless you’re buying crops, of course, your jeans need to be practically down to the ground and the hem covers most of your shoe.  This won’t be easy if you want to wear them with heels and flats so be prepared to make a decision but long length is essential as this will elongate your legs (again). 

If you’re trying jeans on in a store make sure you take a pair of heels or boots with you, particularly if you’re going to get the store to alter them.

A great pair of jeans will be your friend for a long time, curvy or otherwise, so spend enough time choosing the right style, shape and wash for you.  If they don’t flatter you, waist, front and rear, don’t buy.