Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Travel Essentials–From Power Monkey and Portable Charger to International Adapter and Mini Speakers–3 of the very best.

I have written about these before, but as this is the time of year when everyone is about to get going somewhere I wanted to remind you, inveterate traveller that I am, about certain travel essentials and travel gadgets that you won’t want to leave behind, including my favourite Power Monkey portable charger to the latest international adapter and mini speakers.

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not these are indispensible.  The only thing I would really warn you about is that where the Power Monkey and international adapter is concerned you will inevitably need to buy more than one, particularly if you have older kids, as they will beg, borrow or steal yours.  This is can promise you.  And don’t be surprised if they aren’t returned.  ‘Stolen’, ‘lost’, or ‘stopped working’ are some of the excuses used on regular occasions.  And you’ll be ordering your next………

Power Monkey Portable ChargerThe Power Monkey portable charger is absolutely indispensible.  Charging my Blackberry just before arrival at Heathrow earlier this week I had a lot of envious looks from people who obviously don’t read GlamourSleuth.  I keep mine in a sunglasses case to make sure it can’t get turned on by mistake, and with the adaptors for both Blackberry and Apple.  Order one, keep yours charged up always (are you listening) and you’ll be ready for the off at the drop of a hat.
This is the one I always take with me although there is a solar version as well.  I have always found the best price via Amazon and prices and delivery will vary so make sure you search and also add delivery to the price to make sure you’re getting a complete comparison.  You can usually get it for less if you’re willing to wait a day or so and at this time of year?  Surprise surprise the price can go up…..

International Adapter
I have so many international adapters, some for the US and some for Europe (France particularly) so it’s a joy to find one which will do both jobs from Design Go.  On this one you just slide the mechanism to select the correct pins for the country you’re visiting, whether it’s the UK, USA, Asia or Europe so whether you’re from the US, staying in the UK or vice versa you need this gadget in your travel bag at all tiMini Speakersmes.

xMini’s portable mini speakers provide a seriously good sound and go with me everywhere.  As long as you’ve charged yours up (!) they play for hours.  I’ve listened to a lot of mini speakers and these are, quite frankly, incredible in terms of sound and size.  I have two that attach together but with this particular model you can link as many as you want.  Surround sound by the pool has never been so easy.  Play through your Nano, Blackberry or laptop and be amazed at the quality of everything from rock to opera.  Don’t leave home without them.

And do I need to warn you that these’ll be ‘borrowed’ by your kids as well?  Probably not……..
Happy Holidays!……………………………………………………………………………………………….