Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nail Polish - Best of the Summer Reds–Leighton Denny, Jessica Nails, Essie Nail Polish plus the Ultimate Quick Dry

In the summer going for sexy red nail polish just seems to work with everything, and as someone who’s worked their way from deep plum to shimmering silvery shades to finally fall in love with rich summery bright red, I’ve experimented with many of them recently and Leighton Denny, Jessica Nails and Essie Nail Polish have won my vote, both for colour, application ease and staying power.

However no nail polish, on hands or feet, will work without a great quick dry (at least unless you’re prepared to sit for hours, which I most definitely am not).  Seche Vite, from the ones I’ve tried, wins that prize, now augmented by Orly Flash Dry which I discovered on my most recent trip to the US.  Quite frankly this is an unbeatable combination.

These are my three favourite reds, the Leighton Denny Viva la Diva in particular as the moment you start to apply it you can see the colour clearly, unlike many other reds which require the second coat before the colour becomes true.

Leighton Denny Essie Nail Polish Jessica Nails
As far as quick dry is concerned make sure you have a bottle of Seche Vite in your nail polish cupboard, it goes on very easily, provides a glossy finish and an amazingly fast quick dry and last but most definitely not least, a bottle of Orly’s Flash Dry.  There are several places you can buy this (cheapest being CVS in the US so stock up if you’re going over) but it annoys me that some are charging around double the US retail price in the UK.  The cheapest I have found is through and it was delivered in a very few days so my advice is to order it there.  You first apply your Seche Vite, then a drop of Flash Dry a minute afterwards.
Seche Vite Orly Flash Dry
You’re not going to believe how quickly your nail varnish sets and lasts.  These last two, in particular, are essential to any manicure or pedicure, unless of course you like to be repairing yours every few days………and who has the time?

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