Sunday, 21 August 2011

Make a Statement–Drop Earrings by Bijoux Heart & Erickson Beamon

Every woman needs a new pair of showstopper statement earrings, for the new season, for the old season (because the weather’s the pits), to go with her new wardrobe, to brighten up what she already has or just, quite and very simply, to make her feel good.  Erickson Beamon and Bijoux Heart design fabulous stand-out pieces, from reasonably priced to quite expensive, but always deliciously collectible.

Put on your favourite little black dress, a pair of valet parking heels (sky high, in other words) and a fabulous new pair of earrings and you’ll be streets ahead of the rest.  This season go for something magical and outstanding.  You can spend hours scouring the stores or very simply buy online and there’s no issue of size or fit, the only problem is that you may have to wait a day, a whole day for them to arrive.

Bijoux Heart has created couture jewels for more than twenty years, working on pieces for Vivienne Westwood, Catherine Walker and the V&A Museum.  The signature is a glamorous, vintage style using vintage and semi precious stones to create intricate, handmade jewellery.

Bijoux Heart Drop Earrings    Bijoux Heart Swarovski Crystal EarringsBijoux Heart Blue drop earrings Bijoux Heart Black Coral Earrings

Erickson Beamon is the brainchild of three Detroit natives who created jewellery for a catwalk show.  It was a great success and out of this the brand was born, creating original, sometimes vintage style, sometimes Bohemian handmade pieces out of crystals and semi-precious stones, and loved by celebrities and designers everywhere.

Erickson Beamon Diamante Earrings Erickson Beamon Drop Earrings Erickson Beamon Bossa Nova Drop Earrings  Erickson Beamon Chandelier Earrings

You’ll never find anyone stocking these gorgeous pieces in huge volume, so when you find something you love, as I always say, don’t hold back, let yourself get carried away and snap it up.

Off to the Santa Fe opera festival tomorrow and looking forward to wonderful food and glorious music, what more could anyone want?  I’ll be keeping you informed…….