Saturday, 6 August 2011

Clever Clothes for Curvy Girls–10 Dresses for Curvy Girls to wear right now

Floral DressI always laugh when I see articles about curvy girls in the press.  ‘Curvy women are back in fashion’ – really! you either are or you aren’t.  You either have an hourglass figure or you don’t.   And if you do, you’re in luck girls and should be making the most of those curves. 

Now I want to be absolutely clear, by curves I am not talking about size.  I am talking about shape. If you’re built that way, whatever size you are you will be curvy.  You just have to look at Jennifer Lopez, Dita von Teese, Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johansson – and Marilyn Monroe of course, the ultimate curvy woman – to see what I’m talking about.

The other point about these women, of course, is that they really work for their figures.  As someone who was big for more years than I care to remember I know exactly how much work it takes to get into some sort of shape.  But it’s worth every moment spent.  And sorry, but I’m going to say it, having children is no excuse.  And I know these things.   Anyway.  I digress.

If you are curvy, you’re lucky particularly now, as there are so many clothes out there that will work for you.  It’s also all too easy to get it wrong.  Muffin tops are never attractive, anything too tight doesn’t work, the wrong length will look frumpy (although that applies to everyone) the wrong shoes, trouser length – everything.  Pay a little attention on getting it right and everyone will be asking what you’ve changed.

Here are my favourite dresses for curvy girls to pour their figures into right now – reasonably priced, perfect for summer, glamorous and easy to wear.  They all have an elements of stretch, and they go in at the waist or just above.  But don’t take it from me – try them on.

  Fat Face Striped DressFat Face Maxi Dress   Fat Face Red DressIkat print jersey dress Fat Face Jersey Dress

All of these day dresses above are by Fat Face – reasonably priced and a standard fit – not to be missed.  The red has shirring at the back to make the fit easy.  Of these the striped dress is the hardest on the mid section, although it had a tie at the back, so either get out the Spanx or go to the gym, but it is a gorgeous dress and if they don’t have your size on the Fat Face website you’ll find it at John Lewis.

Reiss wrap front dress Oasis floral dressNavy dress Phase Eight Maxi DressWrap front dress

The dresses above are perfect for chic day to evening and all are designed to fit and flatter the curviest of shapes.  One of the most important things about curvy girls is to always dress for your shape and not to try and make something on-trend work if the style doesn’t suit.