Thursday, 14 July 2011

Karen Millen–New Arrivals or the Karen Millen Sale?

imageKaren Millen always has a very tempting collection, whether you’re browsing new-in dresses or the Karen Millen Sale but I always have a battle with myself at this time of year – is it too late to be buying summer clothes, no matter how reduced unless they’re real investment bargains?  Should you be looking at the new season’s collections and thinking, ‘of course, in September when it cools down I will definitely want to wear that’? Or should you be looking at the tempting trans-seasonal goodies pouring into the stores as ‘new season’s collections’ which will definitely not work next season, and shop there? 
Of course it’s more down to budget than anything else – if you can top up your summer wardrobe with something special on sale right now AND invest in something shiny and new that’s almost certainly going to hang in your wardrobe for a month or two the of course you’re going to do both.  If I can persuade myself, already having some gorgeous summer clothes in my cupboard not yet worn, away from buying anything until autumn, I will, but I know for a fact that it won’t be easy.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me, it never is…………………………………
Anyway, Karen Millen offers a choice of both, on sale and sparkly new.  Here are some of the sale goodies to snap up right now.
Karen Millen dress on sale Karen Millen Rose Print Dress Karen Millen Maxi Dress Karen Millen Shoes  Karen Millen ruffled blouse
Karen Millen denim shirt Karen Millen cropped jeanKaren Millen Handbag Karen Millen Red Dress Karen Millen white cropped trouser
Tempted anyone?  My favourites are without a dress the red dress and blue bowler bag, perfect for summer.  Oh dear……….
One son in Scotland, the daughter in Europe and the other son working.  Blissful peace apart from three and sometimes four dogs, one of whom ‘talks’ loudly most of the time, when after food, exercise or just general attention, and when not secretively trying to pinch the ham off the side in the kitchen, which she nearly succeeded in doing a day or so ago.  I really ought to know better by now…………………………………………