Friday, 8 July 2011

Fashion on Sale–Diane von Furstenberg

This is an extremely dangerous subject for me to write about as Diane von Furstenberg is one of my absolute favourite designers – and in the new Fashion on Sale series?  Just asking for trouble.  But here is, in my opinion, the best of what is available now.
One of the things that to my mind makes DvF so special is that she designs a) for curvy, feminine women, b) that most of her styles are ageless (that whole ‘should you dress your age’ debate really gets to me) and c) anything you buy by her will will almost certainly become a wardrobe favourite and something that you will keep and wear for ever.  Not for nothing has she just reintroduced her all time favourite wrap dress in her vintage prints.  If you didn’t buy it first time around at least you can lay your hands on it today.
I don’t believe that you can ever own too many pieces of DvF.  I certainly love mine, they make me feel both glamorous, sexy and modern.  You can wear them day or night.  They always flatter and give confidence.  No surprise then that Diane, who first entered the fashion world in 1972, has become an icon for effortless elegance.  You just have to love her.
DvF crochet dress DvF leopard print maxi dress DvF black and white dress Dvf Black sequinned dress DvF beach dress
DvF beige silk dress DvF red dress DvF Animal Print Dress DvF grey dress DvF black dress
If you were expecting Diane’s famous jersey wrap you’re bound to be disappointed in the sales, as these are always the first to go, however it’s worth a browse in these stores just to see if one is left in your size and if you find it ssssshhhhhhhh……. don’t tell anyone else and make it yours quick.