Friday, 22 July 2011

Best Feet Forward–What do you Train in?–Nike, the Zoom Vomer0, Asics and New Balance Sports Shoes

Nike Zoom Trainers
Investing in a great pair of sports shoes, from the Nike Zoom Vomero to Asics or New Balance there’s a huge choice out there and the right pair makes all the difference.

Whether it was a New Year’s resolution and you’ve kept on going, or you’ve always trained (in which case you can look down on me from a great height) or you just like to own a great pair of trainers in case the urge takes you (in which case please stop reading right now) the most important thing you put on before going to the gym/going running or doing any other type of sport apart from yoga and Pilates is what you put on your feet. 

Go for the designer lycra in whatever colourway takes your fancy but at the end of the day what you wear doesn’t really matter, apart from making you feel good before you start.  What you put on your feet does definitely matter.

I’m saying this from the somewhat jaundiced viewpoint of someone who likes to work out in some way shape or form every day but stepped down off a stool in my kitchen recently to place my foot squarely on a tennis ball – no how it got there is another story – which brought me heavily and quickly to the ground, twisting my knee in the process.  Having little patience I kept going exercise-wise but came out here to Dallas with the thinnest, lightest pair of casual trainers which quite simply don’t do the business cushioning  and comfort wise.
Asics Sports Shoes New Balance Sports Shoes Asics Running Shoes
So I paid a visit to Lukes Locker in Dallas (as you do) and came away with one of the best pairs of Nike trainers I’ve ever owned, and even better, with bright orange sherbert laces.  I have to admit a certain amount of humour in the store about my determination regarding colour, as well as fit, however we won’t go into that – after all, what’s a girl to do?

The realisation, having tried on several pairs of excellent trainers under the supervision of sports shoes expert Andy, was the amount that sports shoe technology moves forward, and the benefits of not sticking with your ‘good old pair’ but investing in the latest cushioning, the latest fit, and, of course, the latest colours.

New find is Millet Sports in the UK, which has a great selection of all the major brands of sports shoes, free delivery when you spend £50 or more and discounts on many of their products as well, which include tennis rackets, heart rate monitors and fitness equipment.  I’d send you for a visit to Lukes Locker but you’d have to get on a plane first.  Mind you, the weather out here is glorious……………………………………………….