Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tangerine Dream–The Hot Shoe Colour for Summer

Orange wedgesYes that’s about it, orange shoes, and when I first thought about it I ran away fast, but giving it a little more consideration came to the conclusion that with cropped blue or white jeans, shorts, a white dress (or black for that matter) or a black linen pant suit these might just go the distance.  And of course they’re such a statement colour this season.  Why not step out in it?

I don’t as yet, own a pair of these, and at my height I probably never will, but with polished pins and great grooming (and enough height) the colour could be extremely flattering.  Be aware that they could well make you look shorter if the shoe is too heavy for what you’re wearing.  With the right clothes they’ll be dynamite.

Personally I think the Max Mara sandals fit the bill perfectly, and you could wear them all summer.  Definitely my favourites.

Paloma Barcelo shoes Alexandre Birman shoes LK Bennett sandals
orange sandals Maxmara sandals Chloe ballet pumps
Consider getting yours now and then wait for the sun to shine – or take them to the beach.  You’ll be spotted a mile away whatever else you have on…………………………………….