Friday, 20 May 2011

Shoes with Power–Statement Shoes to Take you There

Kurt Geiger Studded Shoe


I had a meeting in the US last week with the social media director of one of America’s most famous department stores.  You know how it is, you think you’re looking swell then the woman you’re meeting is wearing the perfect jacket, this season’s high necked ruffle front blouse, black skinny cropped jeans and shoes.  Not just any shoes but outstanding glamour-girl shoes you immediately feel the need to put on your feet because they encompass all that’s modern, glamorous, stylish and sexy about the season.  In short, they have the power.

Shoes can make or break any outfit.  They can create a total wardrobe disaster out of perfectly chic clothes.  They can make you look frumpy (easily) shorter than you are, heavier than you are or jElizabeth and James Sandalsust plain dull.  Then there are the shoes like those above, which make you stand tall, see off any competition and just complete your look.  The next time you go anywhere take a look at the footwear of those around you.  Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t excite you, putting it mildly.  So many shoes are worn for comfort rather than to complete a look when there are so many styles around that can do both.  In any case, who doesn’t carry a pair of flats around with them for running for the train?  If you don’t, think again dear – It really is time to flash those killer heels and make a statement wherever you go.

I tried to find the above lady’s shoes but failed so here’s a selection of shoes with ‘power’.  Some are heartbreakingly expensive, others not so bad.  They will all, worn with the simplest of clothes, make you stand out.  By miles.  Every girl needs at least one pair of statement shoes, don’t you agree?

  Alexander McQueen ShoesMichael Michael Kors Sandals reiss nude sandal

Karen Millen Shoes Ted Baker Shoes DVF Sandal copy

Anything cut high or with an ankle strap will shorten your leg, as will bright colours and black gladiators so unless  you’re very tall or have extremely slim pins so keep these for trousers and cropped capris and jeans.  Nude or metallic shoes will elongate your legs and are best for skirts and dresses, or shoes with very fine straps.  The choice is endless……………….over to you.