Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Sequin Dress–Summer Dresses by Helmut Lang, Schumacher, Day Birger et Mikkelson and more.

sequin dress Antik BatikWith care are the first two words to use here.  Sequins can be extremely unforgiving.  Having got that out of the way, if you enjoy a bit of sparkle, don’t try and work your showstopper with anything that might clash with it in any way.  Keep your accessories to the chic minimum, and jewellery?  Well they say less is more, don’t they?
Look for designer brands such as Helmut Lang, Schumacher, Day Birger et Mikkelson and Rachel Gilbert for the best of the summer sequins plus lower priced labels such as Jigsaw, Ted Baker and Isabella Oliver and as usual, with something as special as these are they won’t hang around for long.

This season you’ll find not only the sequinned dress in black, but in every shade of neutral as well, some of which would be perfect on a summer evening from poolside cocktails to full on red-carpet glamour.

A sequin dress should skim the body and not be over tight anywhere, all-over sequins are hard to work unless you’re extremely slim, many of these with sequin panels, embroidery and draping would be a great deal kinder.  Which do you love?
sequin dress schumacher Helmut Lang Dress  Rachel Gilbert dressTed Baker Sequin Dress
Jigsaw Sequin Dress Long sequin dress Rose sequin dress  Day Birger et Mikkelsen DressIsabella Oliver sequin dress
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