Thursday, 19 May 2011

Get your Stripes–For your next Striped Top, Tshirt, Cardigan, Dress or Jumper

One of the problems with stripes being so ‘on trend’ is that you see them everywhere, absolutely everywhere.  I have to confess I have steered clear so far but will no doubt fall soon.  I mean, do you really want to go out for lunch and find everyone wearing the same thing?  It doesn’t matter how different you think your stripes are, they’re just stripes, dear, and in most cases quite hard to tell apart – they just have that certain look.  Ok so you look as if you’ve got the season wrapped up, but the trick, surely, is to wear your stripes in as different a way as you can, if such a thing is possible.  Jaeger’s navy scoop neck striped top and Isabella Oliver’s striped cardigan (particularly when worn with navy shorts) achieve just that, don’t you think?

Pure Collection Striped Sweater  Jaeger striped top  Kew Striped TshirtStriped Cardigan - Isabella Oliver

In my search for the perfect striped top, tshirt, dress, cardigan or jumper I came across these above, in traditional navy/blue and white stripes and flattering shapes, none of which will break the bank, and these below – the striped dress – a more modern way of sporting your stripes?  But this one can be hard to pull off unless the shape is absolutely right for you.  Beware wide horizontal stripes unless you’re extremely tall or slim……..but you knew that anyway.  And as for navy and white striped trousers……………….let’s just not go there………..

Striped Dress - Anglomania Striped Dress - Diane von Furstenberg striped maxi dress Striped top dress - DKNY

Speaking of wide horizontal stripes (which we were, sort of) this from French Connection would look great on the right figure, but otherwise is to be avoided.  Nice though don’t you think?

striped dress - French Connection